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Ruby clamdscan - New Gem Available

Tags: Programming, Ruby

In an attempt to learn how Ruby and Ruby Gems development works, I've published a new gem!

Check it out on

This removes the neccessity for Ruby and Ruby on Rails services to have ClamAV or any of its programs installed on the same host. You can now communicate with a separate servic...

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Typewriter print of 1 Corinthians 13:4-6

Christ Never Called Us Lions

Tags: Life, Theology, Christianity, Ministry

My goodness. 2020 was A YEAR. 2021 has shaped up to be a match, just half way in.

There's a lot to unpack in the questions I've had over the past year. The pandemic has claimed so many lives; either directly by illness, by horrid injustices especially for our BIPOC brothers and sisters, or indirec...

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Picture of a city scape with people walking

Bless the City

Tags: Life, Theology, Christianity, Ministry

Often times, I hear Christians worry or complain that we live in a post-Christian world. What people usually mean by this, is that for a time, the world (and in most cases, the "world" they refer to is the United States) was largely full of people who would call themselves Christians, but now that t...

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Webhooks Continued, Server Configuration And You

Tags: Git, Websites, Webhooks, Linux, Nginx, LetsEncrypt

Continued from Using Git to Keep Your Website up to Date

In the previous post, we set up a listener that would listen for an HTTP request from Github and run a script to update your website automatically. But, there are a few things left undone.

In this phase, we'll set up an Nginx reverse p...

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Using Git to Keep Your Website up to Date

Tags: Programming, Git, Websites, Webhooks, Node, Restify, Linux

I'm not a website developer by trade, though I can do some of the work. Honestly, for years, I felt like I needed to build my own CMS from scratch or I wasn't a good enough developer. But I'm also a developer that has a tendancy to redo his work over and over again unless I have a deadline.

So fi...

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Picture of an eye


Tags: Life, Surgery

So I had Lasik yesterday.

And I can say, it was fantastic! The day after I've got 20/15 vision. Almost all of the discomfort is gone and I can see better than I did before with my contacts.

I think that everyone should do research before getting surgury, especially elective surgery, but in th...

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